Reading and Writing

 Columbia University's Teachers College Reading and Writing Program 

Through the use of Columbia University's Teachers College Reading and Writing Program, students at PS 164 engage with the English Language Arts in valuable ways. By utilizing this research-based curriculum, students in each class engage in various reading and writing units throughout the school year that allow them to get to know different kinds of texts and genres, how to engage with them, and how to share and extend that knowledge. Each unit of study utilizes a progression of lessons that aligns with grade-specific Common Core Standards, and builds upon students' prior knowledge to enable greater success.

Teachers College textbooksAdditionally, the TC Reading and Writing program allows for integrated learning where classes can explore topics in Science and Social Studies through the English Language Arts. By providing opportunities to read and write about real topics in various forms, the TC Reading and Writing Program instills in students the ideal that we all "read and write for real reasons - to advocate for ourselves and others, to deepen our own and others’ knowledge, to illuminate the lives we live and the world we are a part of."   

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 math text book 

educational apps on laptops and tablets

For Mathematics instruction, all classes use enVisionMATH, a program fully aligned to the Common Core Standards. GO Math! provides students and teachers with a progression of units and interactive lessons that build understanding across the school year. Through the use of print, digital, and physical manipulatives, students are challenged to solve real-world problems on a daily basis. Students learn to not only work with numbers and solve problems, but also how to describe their thinking, analyze their work, and determine if solutions are reasonable.


Additionally, enVisionMATH provides resources to meet the individualized needs of every student, including interventions and enrichment. By providing both print and digital resources, students can interact with the Envision Math Curriculum in school and at home.