At PS 164 we believe that collaborating with outside organizations gives our students unique opportunities that support classroom learning, provide creative outlets, encourage independence, and inspire action.

The following is a list of organizations that have supported our students and our community in recent years.
 brooklyn public library  Through working with the Brooklyn Public Library, PS164 is part of a school program called MyLibraryNYC. This program provides a direct link between schools and the public library.  my library nyc 
Teachers are able to use MyLibraryNYC to request specific texts delivered to the school, and gain access to Internet-based resources. Students can use the program to get access to a special public library card just by being a student at our school. This library card allows students special privileges in borrowing resources at the public library.  To learn more about the MyLibraryNYC student cards, contact Ms. Krueger at hkrueger@schools.nyc.gov
 RIOULT Dance  RIOULT Dance, founded in 1994, is well known for their modern dance through the music of Pascal Rioult.   RIOULT Dance brings dance, music, choreography, and creative thinking into the hands of our elementary school students.  This always our students to develop their self expression to craft their own class dance.   At the end of the residency there is a culminating performance where students perform their dance work for the school and parents. 
 wingspan arts 
Grades K and 1
 marquis studios 
Grades 2, 3 and 4. 
 studio in a school  Through working with Studio in a School residency program our students have the chance to explore painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and 2-D applied design.  This gives our students the opportunity to express themselves through the manipulation of different art materials.  The learning and creating aspects allow our students to think critically, while thinking creatively.  
 cool culture  PS 164 has a partnership to the Cool Culture's Citywide Cultural Access Program.  With this program families of students in 3K, Universal Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten can access general admission to 90 museums, gardens, and zoos during out-of-school time. 
 smart works  Smartworks provides arts educations programs in the moving image, visual arts, music, dance and theater to the 5th Graders at P.S. 164. Smartworks' programs increase the basic academic and communication skills of public school students through innovative multidisciplinary approaches to art education.
 the trust for public land  Trust for Public Land (TPL) is an organization that helps create parks in "close-to-home places". In 2010 PS164 was awarded a new Green Yard provided by Trust for Public Land. Through a planning and design process conducted by students in our school and TPL representatives, our school yard underwent a collaborative process to be made. In 2012, after more than a year of construction, our Green School Yard was opened to our school and the public. Complete with a vegetable and flowering garden, outdoor classroom, more than 25 trees, and custom blacktop designs and play equipment, our Green Yard has become a focal point of the community.  With ongoing support from TPL, we have been able to provide school based and community programs during the school year and in the summer that enrich understandings about the Earth and build bridges between the school and surrounding neighborhood.